Ahead of EA Sports’ big launch for the FIFA 17 console soccer game, the gaming company has also placed a new game called FIFA Mobile Soccer listed via the Google Play Store, although it is still for pre-registration in the US market as of the moment. This game may mark a new strategy for EA Sports as to their annual soccer game release for mobile platforms.

FIFA Mobile Soccer is currently for pre-registration in the US market, the option of the user to pre-register means they will be notified when the game becomes available in their region. News sources say that the game is reportedly already available in Russia, as it was probably soft-launched in that market. If you look at the Google Play listing, the game already has several reviews, which tell us that some people are already playing the game in other regions.

The new game will include 30 leagues, 650 teams, and a total of 17000 players to provide gamers with plenty of options how to play the game. Interestingly, FIFA Mobile Soccer has a download size of just around 100MB, compared to the humongous 1.3GB download you had to get for last year’s FIFA 16. The game will be free to play and will probably require internet connection to be played. This looks like a new strategy for EA Sports and it will be interesting to see if this sticks.

Pre-register now via the link below. EA announced that the game should be available this fall on both Android and iOS. That should mean that the game will launch any time soon.

PRE-REGISTER: Google Play Store