We’re not really sure why EA Sports made FIFA 15 Ultimate Team available exclusively in Canada first in its test run. You cannot really put the North American country in the Top 20 football-crazy countries in the world. But now, the rest of the football fans in countries other than Canada will be able to play the game on their Android devices as well as take advantage of the first FIFA Android app that supports hardware controls.

As we said when it was first released, this version of the beloved FIFA football game app is sure to satisfy those who are still having a hangover from the World Cup which finished almost two months ago and will fuel their excitement for the ongoing domestic leagues. Aside from the usual modes that we’ve come to expect from the yearly new versions of the app, they have added several more game plays this time: the Classic or Casual Controls which gives you more options like tactical dribbling and through-ball options and the Quick Simulation feature where you act as the manager of an ongoing game and lets you control the effort and movement of your team.

The previous modes are still present in the app, like Manager Mode, Career Mode and Penalty Kick modes. Another new feature is the Matches of the Week mode, where you can choose your club and players to play the big matches. For the first time ever, a FIFA Android app can use hardware controllers to help users play the game the way they want. It supports Steelseries Stratus, Steelseries Pro Mobile, Moga Pro Power, Moga Hero Power, Moga Pocket Controller, and Mad Catz C.T.R.L.R Mobile Gamepad.

Fortunately for football fanatics who don’t really want to spend on apps, FIFA Ultimate Team is still free on the Google Play Store. But there are in-app purchases if you want to buy certain packs with players, coaches, equipment that cannot be found in the free version. So be prepared to spend anywhere from $0.99 to as much as $99.99 for these add-ons.

SOURCE: Android Police