The highly popular iOS game FieldRunners by Subatomic Studios is coming to Android starting tomorrow, July 7th. It was first announced sometime last week but was quickly canceled because they were having issues with the Android Market and giving a promotional period for launch. They have cleared everything up and it will be launching globally tomorrow. If you like tower defense games FieldRunners is one of the most visually stunning games of all the tower defense games available on mobile.

From what I’m hearing for the first 24 hours, the game will be featured on Amazon’s Appstore for Android as the “Free App of the Day.” It will also be available in the Android Market starting at 12:00 Pacific Time and will be offered at a discounted price of just $0.99 cents. After the first 24 hours, the game will continue selling in both stores for $2.99. So, we all better hurry and get it while its fresh and cheap.

The price drop on the Android Market is to allow everyone outside the U.S. that does not have access to the Amazon Appstore to still get this amazing game at a low price, but sadly it wont be free in the Android Market. Be sure to follow @fieldfrunners on Twitter for news and updates. My only question is if Amazon will post it at 12:00 Midnight as tomorrow the 7th’s “Free App of the Day” like usual or if they are sticking to the 12:00 time listed by Fieldrunners. We will know soon enough so get ready.

[via Fieldrunners HD]