We always thought of the stick figure as something funny and not serious in life. To us, he is simply a walking stick that takes on roles that will make gamers laugh. But in Stickman Battefields action game, our beloved character is a serious soldier that bravely enters the battlefield complete with gadgets, explosives, and weapons.

Stickman is the hero in this battle where he can use tanks and helicopters to fight against the enemies. Game features a multiplayer online mode so it’s more exciting and challenging to play.

The battle is set in different environments–forests, beaches, snowy mountains, and dynamic landscapes. On board a tank, destroy whatever comes your way. And to escape, just jump from a helicopter and open a parachute to keep you safe away from the enemies. You can play this game in either single player or real time synchronous multiplayer mode. There are also bootcamp missions you can finish and test different weapons from an M16 to an M32, M2010 Sniper Rifle, AT4 Rocket launcher, and a Shotgun. You can also take advantage of Laser Sight, Camouflage, and Laser Sight and explosives like RGOs and grenades.

There a number of unlockable achievements in this game, leaderboard to beat, and upgradeable items to collect. Game is available for download as an early access version for some Android devices. Developer Djinnworks is requesting gamers to send their feedback and suggestions so they could incorporate them on the final and official version.

Download Stickman Battlefields from the Google Play Store