It seems like Fallout Shelter, easily one of the best companion apps to a PC game ever, is getting bigger and bigger. Bethesda has just announced “Update 1.6” for the Android game, and if you think you’re running out of things to do inside your Vault – and there are a million things to do inside – the game developers are getting ready to send you to the Wasteland outside on quests.


That’s right, Update 1.6 to Fallout Shelter will be the biggest one yet, and it will include quests for your Dwellers. Players will soon be able to assemble groups of Dwellers and send them out to new locations like abandoned buildings and decrepit Vaults, or even familiar spots like Fallout 4’s Red Rocket Fuel Stop and Super Duper Mart. Outside your Vault, your Dwellers will encounter challenges and face new enemies like Radscorpions, Ghouls and powerful bosses.


There will also be a new combat system where you can micromanage battles, allowing you to direct your Dwellers’ attacks. These quests will generate great loot and equipment for you, so there will be a regular list of quests available for you to accomplish on any given day.

The update is bound to arrive in July, and it will be a great day for all of those who play the game. Fallout Shelter has already gotten over 50 million people to play it at one point in time or another. More info on this update as it becomes available.

SOURCE: Bethesda