If you spend a lot of time on Facebook, particularly on its Messenger app, then you probably will not mind if the social media giant will revamp the app (well, sort of) to make it more convenient for you. And that’s exactly what they have been doing for the past few months, adding new features that will make you not want to leave (not need to leave) the app anymore. This time, they’re changing the way you can start a conversation and also how you can see your contacts within the Messenger app.

Basically, the Home Screen of your Messenger app will serve more than just a place where you can see all your conversations. At the top, you will still see the most recent sent and received messages. But underneath that, you will now see your favorite contacts, or the people you message the most. So that means if you want to start a new conversation with them, just tap them and a message window will appear. The contacts are displayed by name and with their profile picture.

You also get reminders for upcoming events that you’re attending through Facebook events, and also upcoming birthdays of your friends (so you have no excuse to miss their day). Then lastly, you also have a list of all your contacts that are currently online. You’ll still have the other tabs on your Messenger, like Calls, Groups, People (where all your contacts both online and offline are listed), and your Profile page.

The bad news is that Facebook Messenger rolled it out for iOS only for now. But we’re pretty sure this will happen to the Android app soon.


SOURCE: Facebook