Facebook has been really pushing videos onto their users, and a lot of publishers and brands have been riding on this as well. That’s why it’s no surprise that the latest update to the app focuses on new ways of watching and enjoying these videos on your timeline, whether you’re on your mobile device, a desktop. And now even smart TVs can join in the fun as the social media giant introduces a video app for those times when you want to watch your FB videos on a bigger screen.

We all know that most if not all of the videos on your timeline autoplay when you scroll through them, but the sound is automatically turned off, to the relief of some people. But now, those same people will not like the fact that the sound will now automatically play, and then fade in and out as you scroll through them. But if your phone is set to silent, it will still have the sound turned off. Also, you can disable this feature if you’re not that crazy about sound that will suddenly come out as you look through your feed.

Another new feature is that vertical videos will look better on your mobile device as it how adjusts to fit your screen. Basically, it expands to full screen when it’s in that format. But if you want to continue scrolling through your feed but still watch a video, you can minimize it to the picture-in-picture view, and drag it to any corner you prefer. You can also keep the video playing even when you go to another app outside of Facebook.

They are also now launching a Facebook video app for your smart TV so you have the option to watch on a bigger screen. You will be able to watch videos shared by your friends, live videos, most popular videos from around the world, and even your saved videos.

SOURCE: Facebook