Facebook is busy pushing another round of updates out today for their standard app, as well as the somewhat useful Facebook Home launcher. The update for Home will bring the option for users to enjoy folders for their apps. Which can then be used in the app tray, or on the newly added dock so we can access apps and such like a smartphone should, instead of being merely a social networking device.

When Facebook Home first launched many were excited about it, but the lack of overall phone features we’re all used to was a big problem. They’ve since added the standard bottom dock for phone, messenger, or whatever apps you use the most. And now today have added folder support, something we’ve had on regular Android for a long time.

Simply drag an app on top of another and you’ll instantly be able to start a folder. This way users can group social apps, games, or whatever else into neat organized folders. Something that should make using Facebook Home even easier. Interestingly enough, while the changelog on the Play Store doesn’t mention it our Facebook rep mentioned the next feature they’re planning is widget support.

Sadly months after launch I still can’t try these feature on my Galaxy S4, as it isn’t officially supported, but if you’ve got a capable device give it a try from the download below. Then the regular Facebook app was also updated. We have sharing of stories into private messages, new swipe features to open chats, and for those still on Gingerbread they finally added the option to put Facebook on your SD card. That’s only about 2 years late.

Let us know if you’re participating in the Facebook app beta, and if you notice anything exciting. In the meantime, get the new Home below.

VIA: Play Store