If you’re the type of person who can spend hours just getting lost (in a good way) in museums, then you better brace yourself and get ready to spend countless hours just browsing through this new app from Google. Arts and Culture is a pretty self-explanatory new app from the digital information giant, allowing you to visit over 850 museums and organizations from all over the world without spending much (probably just your data charges) and without needing to get out of your room.

And if you think that all the app will offer you are flat images of collections of artwork and relics, you will actually be able to explore the history of each of the pieces you’re viewing. There are even some museums and collections that have 360 degree interactive images. Some of the objects in the various collections have also been imaged in detail, so you can zoom in and look at every nook and cranny of a pot, a porcelain vase, a painting, or whatever it is you’re exploring in a particular museum.

You can explore the artworks and collections either by color or by time period or by projects and many other parameters. This app is actually a collaboration between the participating museums and landmarks and the Google Cultural Institute. Professors can use them to make history or anthropology or any other related subject more interesting. Or you can just use it for your own personal enhancement.

The best thing about it of course is that it’s absolutely free. You can download Arts and Culture from the Google Play Store. Happy digital exploring!