Samsung Galaxy Note 8

What’s with Samsung not having a pull-down notification on its phones? Such bar gesture can be very useful. Loyal fans of the South Korean brand said it would be better on a bigger screen such as the Galaxy S8, S8+, and Galaxy Note 8. The usual feature is a swipe up or down gesture. There’s also the app drawer that can be accessed by swiping right. As for the notification bar, pulling it down requires some stretching or reaching further because of the larger screen.

If you own any of the latest premium flagships from Samsung, you may want to check on the newest Experience UI update. This particular update brings improvement to the pull-down gesture to unroll the notification or status bar shade from anywhere the screen. With the update, you can swipe and the status bar will be shown.

To get the update for your Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, or Galaxy Note 8, you have to download the latest TouchWiz Home screen app update first. It should be rolling out to the Galaxy Note 8 soon. Install the update but allow “unknown sources” permission first.

Proceed to Settings> Display> Home screen and then select to turn on “Quick-open notification panel”. On the home screen, you may swipe down to reveal the notification and then pull again to show the second layer. To roll the status bar back, swipe up again.

VIA: PhoneArena