Minimalist and challenging are two of the buzz words that most mobile gaming people either are drawn to or avoid like heck. If you belong to the former group, then you would most likely be the target audience for a new game available on Android (and elsewhere), where the object of the game is to destroy boxes (not because boxes are evil okay?) in order to escape the level. Shall you give the Blue Box game a try?

Blue Box is a platformer game, but it’s more than just the twitch reflex kind of game. It takes a little bit more thinking and you need to employ logical thinking at that. To be able to destroy said (un-evil) boxes, you need to jump from one platform to another (hence, platformer). But jumping on a box once shrinks it while jumping on it twice will get it back to its previous size. So even as you need to shrink the boxes, you also need them to jump on to be able to disappear them and win the level.

Sounds tricky huh? That is why challenging has been used to describe it. Before you reach the exit, you would need to destroy all the platform boxes. But the getting to the exit part is challenging in itself. At least you won’t get distracted by a lot of graphics because all you’re looking at is the little blue box and other colorful but basic platforms.

You can download Blue Box from the Google Play Store for just $0.99. But it’s just a one-time purchase and there are no in-app things that you need to buy anymore.