One of the things that experts say we all need to be doing to be sure that someone isn’t stealing our identity and buying up all sorts of things using your good credit is to check the credit report. If you haven’t been applying for new credit cards or loans and a bunch pop up on your credit report you will know something is wrong. Equifax is one of the largest credit reporting agencies around and it has a new app to help you keep up with your credit score and protect your identity.

The app is called Equifax mobile and is for the Android platform. The app works on Android 2.1 and up. Among the details you can access using the app are credit rankings and give the user averages with total debt, utilization, and late payments. It also offers the user a credit fraud index as well. The app also gives the ability to lock their credit report and unlock it.

I guess locking it will not allow any new inquires to be made. The downside will be if you forget to unlock it, you might get turned down for a car or other credit if you need it. Users will also get alerted to changes like account balance changes, activity on dormant accounts, and new account openings. The app is free for download on the Android Market right now.