Little did General Maximus Decimus (yes, we know he’s fictional) know that his iconic line “Are you not entertained?” will one day be repurposed by game developers into something more, well, entertaining. This new hack and slash type of game is called Enterchained, and just like in the movie Gladiator, you are the source of entertainment for the bloody thirsty audience at the Colloseum where you have to fight way your way to freedom, but this time with a twist.

The extra challenge laid on you is that you have to fight the merciless soldiers while you’re chained (hence, the name, get it?) to a companion, that is actually controlled by AI. And your enemies are not polite soldiers who will wait their turn to kill you. They will attack you all at the same time, sometimes alone, sometimes in packs and always with a variety of weapons. But don’t worry, you and your partner will also get to use various paraphernalia, including the chain that binds you, to hack at them, throw sharp, pointy objects and trip them as they go around you.

You will be able to unlock different kinds of weapons as you go along. There are 45 items up for grabs, including The Needle, a Spiked Chain Helm, The Mammoth, The Flying Horror, among others. You can mix and match the items, depending on your strategy and what kind of enemies you’re facing. Aside from the button mashing joy of just hacking and slashing, the game also has some quests for you to fulfill, just in case you get tired of all the blood and swords.

Make no mistake, your mobile screen will turn red a lot of times (if you do things right) so if you’re averse to violence or if you don’t want your kids exposed to this kind of stuff, keep away. The simplistic graphics lessens the effect of the violence, but it is still bloody. You can get Enterchained from the Google Play Store for only $0.99 and with no other in-app purchases needed.