Want to keep your data safe for all eternity? Get as close as possible with a lifetime of Zoolz Dual Cloud 1TB Storage, offered to Android Community readers at over 90% off the retail price. Cloud storage services are an effective way to backup your files and safeguard them from things like computer crashes. While that’s great, most people still don’t use cloud based storage because it can be prohibitively expensive year after year and you never know if security measures are kept up to date.

Zoolz Dual Cloud 1TB Storage, however, is different. You pay once — and once only — for the service and then it’s yours for life. You’ll never receive a subscription renewal notice and you’ll certainly never have to pay again to continue using it. Just backup your files and retrieve them as needed.

Of course, security is a big concern with online-based file storage and for good reason. There’s a lot of bad guys out there that would love the opportunity to steal your data and identity. With Zoolz Dual Cloud 1TB Storage, though, your information is kept lock tight. They use military grade 256-AES encryption to start protecting your files before they even leave your computer, for the safest cloud storage experience around.

With a lifetime subscription, you’ll receive 1TB of space with which to store all your documents, photos, music, videos, and more. It’s simple to setup and even easier to use. And it even works across devices, so you can transfer a file from an Android smartphone to a Windows PC or even an iPad if you wanted to.

It’s easier than ever to backup your data to the cloud. A lifetime subscription to Zoolz Dual Cloud 1TB Storage is just $29.99 this week at Android Community Deals.