Less than a couple of weeks ago, Amazon launched the Echo Look as a new voice assistant-cum-fashion stylist and personal photographer. We said the device is like a personal photographer and stylish assistant because it takes your photos and even gives tips when necessary. It seems Amazon wants to take advantage of the hype and knows there is a need so it may launch another Echo but this time, with a display.

Nothing is certain yet. This is only a rumor according to AFTVNews. The website saw an image saved on Amazon’s servers of a small device that actually looks like an old TV. We’re thinking two things: Amazon could be exploring the idea or this could simply be an old concept or prototype. We still like the idea though of an Echo¬†with built-in display but that may bring it to a different category.

The Echo was originally designed to work as a smart speaker with built-in Alexa, offering voice assistance to the smart home. It has since become smaller in form with the introduction of the Echo Dot and much smaller with the Echo Look. The smaller Echo gets, the smarter it becomes. However, we may see a new size and design with this Amazon Echo with built-in display. According to AFTVNews, this will be the new flagship Echo model priced anything between $200 and $300.

The rumored Amazon Echo also features a front-facing camera and speakers below the screen. We’re assuming the two will allow video calling someday. We find this interesting because this could be another smarter Echo for the smarter home.

Take this with a grain of salt for now and let’s wait for Amazon’s official unveiling.

VIA: SlashGear