Sorry guys, Electronic Arts is about to pull out your favorites games from the Google Play Store, as well as, Apple’s App Store. Actually, EA went ninja mode already and pulled out some popular mobile games from the digital stores. This seems to be permanent and since last month, a few games you have loved and enjoyed can no longer be found.

Some games include those award-winning titles like Mass Effect Infiltrator, Real Racing, and Dead Space. EA pulling out those games is similar to what Disney just did to a long list of games. The gaming company is still very much in the business though but is now focusing on upcoming titles like the newest Real Racing 3.

The games out of the app store can still be played. Those who purchased some titles can still download them but expect no more updates to be released. If you’re a fan of Mass Effect Infiltrator, it’s already out of Google Play Store. If you have the game on your Android device, be careful not to delete it. You will still be given access but to be sure, keep it.

EA has officially published a list of mobile games removed from the app stores. Here’s a complete list of titles the company already pulled out:

Bejeweled 2
• Burnout Crash!
Dead Space
• Flight Control Rocket
Mass Effect Infiltrator

• Flight Control Rocket
• Mass Effect Infiltrator
Need for Speed Shift
Real Racing
• Sims Medieval by EA
• Skate It by EA
• Spore Creatures
• Spore Origins
• SPY Mouse
• Don’t Fall Off
• Flight Control
• Fly With Me
• Lemonade Tycoon
• MMA by EA Sports