All you out there in Android land will be happy to know that DYZ Plastic has revealed their next step in the evolution of the Android plastic toy – Heroes and Villains! This is a set of four special edition Androids instead of previous sets of 10+ in blind boxes, each of these four new characters being released one at a time and at first exclusively at SDCC! The San Diego Comic Con is one place you can expect many such exclusive toys like these, though not many of them Android related – will you be traveling out to get yours or will you try your luck with the second run?

This set of four will be released at first one by one at the 2011 SDCC, one a day for each of the four days starting at Wednesday July 20th at their booth DKE Toys #4728. Fear not though, boys and girls, this wont be the ONLY place you’re able to get these magnificent specimens of awesomeness, you’ll be able to get them at the Dead Zebra Shop online and at several partner shops in Asia only days after the con. Don’t live in Asia? Better head to the Dead Zebra Shop and hit reload about a million times!

Now on to what these madmen actually will be: four figures, two heroes and two villains. The heroes will be The Hidden Task and El Poderoso while the villains will be Greentooth and Cycle-On. Android related names for Android related figures. Each of these figures will be made with the same high-quality processes as previous DYZ figures, plus the Mexican fighter El Poderoso will indeed have a cloth cape. Can you even contain yourselves?!