Contacts on our smartphones are necessary, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to manage or that there are enough apps out there that we have plenty of choices for alternative contact managers. A new app on the block just might change your mind about inefficient and/or boring contact manager. Drupe brings together your contacts and the communications apps that you use to interact with them, and it can be with you wherever you are on your smartphone.

With just one swipe of the trigger icon (a small four button icon that is not at all intrusive), you’ll be able to recall the contacts that you interact with the most, and your preferred communication apps. Just drag the name to the app and you’ll be able to message or call them. It gives you a whole range of apps to choose from, from the normal message and call buttons, to WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Calendar invites, etc. It also gives you a unified communications log so it’s easier to track your recent interactions in just one place.

It can also manage your whole phonebook, keeping your contacts up-to-date and removing online duplicates even as you smart search for your friends in other apps like Skype, Facebook, etc. You can also create groups and drag them to apps that have group messaging or conference calling functions. Pin your favorite contacts so they’ll show up for easier access. And since the Drupe icon is omnipresent and transparent, it will not annoy you to have it on every app you use or even when you’re on locked screen mode.

Drupe is absolutely free from the Google Play Store. There are also no in-app purchases available and the developer promises that the app is not a battery drain.