It was only last week when we reported that Microsoft signed a partnership with Dropbox to make exchange files more convenient within the app. Well, the new integrations are finally available, making it easier for users to edit documents right on the Dropbox app.

Cloud computing is definitely advancing with developments like this. Files on Dropbox can now be accessed from the Office apps so anyone can quickly finish a job or two. All you need to do is update the Dropbox and Office apps on your Android device. Access a document, presentation, or spreadsheet stored in your Dropbox and make the necessary changes. When you click on the Edit icon, the changes will be made and file is saved automatically to your Dropbox account.

This partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox has been highly anticipated since the latter announced that it’s rolling out new functionalities to the app. iOS users received the update first but now, Android users can get to enjoy easy editing and updating from the app.

Dropbox and Microsoft Office integrations

When you edit Office files from the Dropbox app, the changes will sync across devices automatically. No need to drag and drop or move the file again from a home folder to the Dropbox because the app can already recognize the changes.

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SOURCE: Dropbox