Nitrome has got a new arcade game offering that will make the kid in you excited and playing for hours just so you can get the ancient egg. The main character here is Teo who is challenged to run and shoot the enemies with one goal in mind: the egg. This wizard is called to defeat the Shadow Order by going through more than 50 floors full of enemies and traps.

Drop Wizard Tower features new wizards with unique abilities and magic you can unlock to help you in all the epic boss fights that you will have to face. This platformer game offers easy one-handed controls just like in the old days. Actually, this game will totally remind you of your early gaming days with the retro graphics and background music. If you’re a parent, this is a great way to tell your kid how you started as a geeky gamer.

No gameplay is the same because levels are randomized. You will be challenged to find the ancient egg in different hazard-filled element from Wizards Lab to Frozen larder to a Water temple. You don’t know what’s inside the egg but you will know soon once you get a hold of it.

Download Drop Wizard Tower from the Google Play Store