It looks like the ever so popular @DroidLanding is at it again and has reactivated. The last time we heard from these guys was around 3 or so months ago. For those that don’t know, they tweet information or clues as to where you can find your very own DROID for free. The Droid X, and Droid 2 campaigns were both very popular and people were going crazy trying to find these devices all throughout the states.

“Field Agents Await Instructions” is what they had to say. Basically this means something is coming, and if you follow @DroidLanding you might be a lucky one and get a free Droid phone to use on Verizon Wireless. It is not as easy as it sounds as the clues they give out are encrypted and they help you as the day continues until someone finds the device. I almost got the one in Vegas, was a few minutes late.

We don’t know what they plan to push here. It could be the Droid Charge, the Incredible 2, or my guess is the Droid X2, hey even the possibly canceled Bionic might make it into the mix. We will see as the landing page starts to initialize its forces.

[via @DroidLanding]