Joyous day! Now that the DROID Charge is released officially, Verizon has released what’s now one of their biggest set of ad efforts to date. This massively well produced commercial features suspicious looking folks running around left and right, converging in an underground laboratory / testing arena where two ultimate powers: DROID and 4G LTE will be combined to create the ultimate mega-power. Upon converging to the two, the DROID Charge is revealed, an I Am Robot force to be reckoned with.

Blues and reds abound! Have a look at all the different versions of this single ad spot and marvel at how although each ad is the same, tiny changes make for a slightly different look for your eyeballs. You’ll want to watch it over and over again and, like the Scorcher film series, you’ll wish this was much more expanded. Purchase the DROID Charge now and find out how awesome the loading screen is too – seriously excellent.

Also note that we’ve got a full review of the DROID Charge for you just sitting in wait for you to take a peek. DROID Charge Review your way all the way down to your local Verizon or Target store for this fat amazing Super AMOLED Plus Samsung device that you’ll not regret purchasing for even a second.

Brilliant looks indeed!

Superstream Mandarin

Superstream Korean

Superstream Cantonese

Droid Charge from Verizon – Launch

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Verizon’s Droid 4G LTE Charge Launch – Spanish

Droid Charge from Verizon – Launch Commercial