High-speed races are usually a part of the arsena of every mobile game player. You see a lot of car-racing games out there, all vying for the gamers’ attention. But have you ever done a high-speed race using a speedboat? That’s what makes this new Android game different, as you get to race on water and in different locations around the world (at least, virtually). Will Driver Speedboat Paradise be your new addiction?

You are young, you are reckless, and you love to race at the topmost speed. If this is a game persona you’ve always wanted to assume, then you can do so in this game. Your goal is to become the fastest racer on the water as you blast, jump, and boost your way across exotic locales. The game has 6 different game modes that you can use, which includes drag racing and even competing against your friends in a Weekly Tournament. You can also collect, upgrade and customize over 20 different types of speedboats, and these bonuses will help you become even quicker on the water.

The game’s graphics are pretty neat, as they use a realistic wave system, featuring 3D visuals that have been perfected by AAA effects. Oh, and this game is not just about racing. You even have a back story that you need to help bring down the speedboat mafia (apparently, it’s a thing!), helping the legendary cop John Tanner to do so by infiltrating the world of speedboat racing.

Driver Speedboat Paradise is available at the Google Play Store and you can download it for free. There are in-app purchases available, so be careful that you’ll not end up owing the real mafia a lot of money.