Dragon Mobile Assistant launched back in October and at that time, served to replace the Dragon Go! app. Both of these apps were similar, however Dragon Mobile Assistant added new features to bring it more on the level of Google Now and Siri. In fact, the Dragon Mobile app looked rather appealing, but it had one issue — device support.

You see, when Dragon Mobile Assistant launched it was only available for devices with Android 4.0 or later. The good news today, Nuance has updated the app and that device support has changed. The app now supports devices with Android 2.3.3 or later. And while Gingerbread is feeling dated, it is hard to deny that many are still using it.

Speaking generally in terms of this update. The app has gone up to version 2.0 and it remains available for free. Anyway, while the additional device support was a nice addition, we are happy to see that was not the only change. Nuance has also fixed “several” bugs and added some other new features.

Those additional features come in the form of additional voice support. For example, with Dragon Mobile 2.0 you will now be able to launch third-party applications, play on-device music and even set an alarm. Otherwise, Dragon Mobile has more than 200 content partners along with a Driver Mode which will allow for a hands-free experience while in the car.

Bottom line here, Dragon Mobile looks like a good alternative for those without access to Google Now, or to access from a manufacturer app such as S Voice from Samsung. Those interested in checking out Dragon Mobile Assistant can follow this link to the Google Play Store.