Chances are, even if you love drag racing, you will never be able to do it in real life (unless you really are a drag racer). So your next best thing would be mobile games, and the newest one you can try out is called Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing, which is obviously a game where you need to be the fastest drag racer in town. And to make it even more exciting, your rivals are “criminally insane”, according to the game description.

It’s not just a drag race to the finish, but you also get to beat 20 criminal overlords to become…well, probably the next criminal overlord of the city. You’re not really trying to be a good guy here but just trying to be the best racer in town. You can choose from among 69 cars in the game, which includes stock rides, dragsters, and even police cars. You can also modify and tune-up your ride, like increasing your engine’s power, upgrading gears and nitro, and if you feel strongly about the design of your car, you can repaint and put decals on it as well.

You get to race around five different districts like Suburbs, Downtown, Little Asia, that have different themes and various gang crews that you need to race against. Aside from the arcade game modes, you also get to join in police chases, which are just like the Most Wanted videos you see on those TV shows.

You can download Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing from the Google Play Store for free. There are in-app purchases available, so if you don’t want to get carried away in buying things, disable the auto purchase option.