Because we all need a little cuteness in our lives, Disney has brought the Tsum Tsum craze, which has already won Japan’s heart, to the United States. Line has introduced the Disney Tsum Tsum gaming app for those who want to enjoy their favourite characters in a digital but fluffy manner.

But first things first: What in the world is a Tsum Tsum? As far as we can see and understand, they are soft, fluffy toys based on several beloved Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, the Chipmunks, Pluto and many others. They became hugely popular in Japan, where cute (kawaii) things come alive, and now, Disney is bringing them to the West through more plush toys and a digital game created by messaging app Line.

The Disney Tsum Tsum game is a simple puzzle game where you need to connect three or more Tsums in order to pop them up. You get points for all the cuties you collect and connecting a lot of them will get you into Fever Mode wherein you earn a lot of points. Aside from coming in different characters, each Tsum has a distinct skill set that you can use to further your levels and your playing style.

Aside from the Line game, the Tsum Tsums also come in these cute plushy toys that you can carry around or display on your work desk. You can event post them around different settings and situations, just like the one shown on the Disney blog. But still, at the end of the day, you probably want to virtually spend your time with these adorable little versions of your favourite Disney characters, so the Line app it is.

Download the Tsum Tsum app from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Disney