Here’s another role-playing game (RPG) that will make you playing for hours–Dungeon Boss. This title involves a team of heroes that are called to fight and go through those dungeons that are heavily-armed and filled with enemies. As a powerhouse hero, you need to go against those numerous enemy bosses and take them down at every turn and level. You can even collect and gather more heroes like you to help with the fight or use them to beat the invaders in combat.

In Dungeon Boss, you need to prove who is, well…the boss of the dungeos. You even have your own dungeon to protect and guard against the enemies who will always try to invade. You really are the boss in this game so go ahead finish those enemies and rival clans, build a team of brave heroes to finish other bosses, and unlock new abilities to prepare for battle.

You need to fortify your own dungeon simply by setting up defenses against attacks. Once you raid the other dungeons, you can multiply your fortune, fight to reach the top, and get more rewards. You can call in reinforcements too to help you in the game as you prepare for battle and strategize for victory.

Role playing game from Big Fish Games is free to download but In-App Purchases are available.

Download Dungeon Boss from the Google Play Store