After a long stretch of teasing, Madfinger Games released Dead Trigger 2 for Android back in October. And while it hasn’t been that long since the initial release, it does appear as if an update has arrived in the Google Play Store earlier this morning. The update brings the game to v0.2.5 and even does a bit of teasing for what will be coming with v0.3.0.

While the look ahead is appreciated, how about we begin first with what has arrived with this update. To sum things up, the v0.2.5 update brings new features and also brought some improvements to the current setup. Those improvements are detailed as ‘balancing’ and according to Madfinger Games, Dead Trigger 2 players can expect the following;

  • Zombie difficulty has been rebalanced
  • Number of fast zombies have been decreased
  • Several missions have been rebalanced

Otherwise, there was mention of various “tweaks across the whole game” and a fix for those playing on the Galaxy Grand. With all those details to the side, now we can get into the new features. This time around Madfinger Games has added more than 50 new game plays as well as more helicopter and sniper missions, new African environments and some redesigned warfare rewards.

Looking forward, v0.3.0 is being teased to include some new Chinese environments along with new story and warfare missions, new challenges, new melee weapons and chat. There was also one more item on the v0.3.0 teaser and this one provided a hint as to when we can expect the update to arrive. The final teaser was mention of the next update being a “special Christmas update” which goes to say it should be arriving fairly soon.

With that, Dead Trigger 2 remains available from the Google Play Store.