If you don’t live in Japan or in South Korea – where embedded TV services on smartphones is the norm – there is still not an easy way to get free TV reception on your Android device when you’re on-the-go. Apart from a few of the smaller Android device manufacturers in Southeast Asia, TV reception is still not a main feature of Android smartphones. For that purpose, D-Link has released the DWM-T100 micro-USB TV tuner.

It does exactly what its name sounds like – it gives your Android device TV reception (with a companion app) via the micro-USB port of your Android device. Officially, the device is a dongle that allows for live Digital TV (DVB-T) on your Android device anywhere you go, as long as there is a TV Signal.


The dongle comes with a loop antenna which allows the users to move around. For serious TV time – like if you want to catch that football game and there is just no TV around, there is an F-Type antenna converter to hook up to the existing antenna that you have.


Pretty cool, huh? If you’re looking to get one, this is being sold in Australia at USD$41.00. Hopefully D-link will start to offer this TV tuner dongle in other markets as well.

VIA: AusDroid