If it’s always been your secret dream to become a hero and rescue goddesses from peril, now is the time to let this out when you play this new 16-bit RPG for Android devices. Crusaders Quest is not about the Middle Ages campaign to win back the Holy Land but rather about you and your ragtag group who need to save the planet from the forces of evil.

An evil witch’s curse has put the land in peril and it’s only the powers of the goddesses, with the help of you and your 16-bit heroes, that can make things right. The game has over 200 heroes and 6 classes of them that you can collect and control as you try to save the goddesses from monsters roaming the land through solving real-time puzzle matches. Once you’ve trained the heroes in battle, you can send them in PVP battles to see if they can prove their mettle. You also need to help unlock and unleash the goddesses’ special powers that will surely come in handy.

The game, despite being an RPG, is not really that complicated so it could actually be fun (if you don’t like too complicated kinds of games). It is a puzzle combat game that lets you match skill blocks in order to defeat the enemy. The more matches you make, the better attack you’ll have. And if you fill your power meter enough, you get such weapons and moves like Archer’s Fire Rain or the Holy Hammer.

Crusaders Quest is free to download from the Google Play Store. But there are in-app purchases available so be sure you’re disciplined enough to just buy stuff when you need to or if you’re not, simply turn off the auto permissions so you won’t be tempted.