One of the first issues that came up when Microsoft launched Cortana for Android was that the “Hey Cortana” feature – you know, the one where you talk up the voice assistant so it would give you the information you need – was causing problems with Android devices’ microphones and messing up with the “Ok Google” handle of Google Now as well. At that point, Microsoft just removed the feature from the app. When Cortana returned to Cyanogen-based ROMs this year, the “Hey Cortana” feature was something you can toggle on and off. Some people say it is still messing up with your Android device’s microphone usage.

Reddit user “the_boomr” – who according to his Reddit profile uses an LG V10 smartphone – says that the “Hey Cortana” feature is causing issues for other voice recording apps in his device. He says it feels like the said feature, which is always on to listen to your voice cue, takes up usage of the device’s microphone and doesn’t allow other apps to use it at app level. He says that once he disabled the feature, he was able to start recording again using apps.

This might be an intermittent issue, since we tested it out with our own device – a OnePlus One running CM13 with Cortana installed. And with the “Hey Cortana” feature enabled, we were still able to record voice recordings on a standard voice recording app.

Are any of you suffering from the same issue? If you are, what devices are you using and how did you install Cortana? Which voice recording apps are you using to record? The issue might be very specific, so try to recreate it on your device and see if it locks up the phone’s microphone.

SOURCE: Reddit