The company behind the glass displays on many of our current smartphones and tablets, Corning, has just published another video showing us their vision of the future and the possibilities with Gorilla Glass and beyond. While almost everything from the video clip is futuristic it does give you an impressive look on the possibilities in the future with not only Corning’s glass, but devices and tablets as a whole.

For those that don’t know, Corning and their hardened glass technology is what is currently being used in most smartphones and tablets available today, especially in Android devices. Their scratch resistant, anti-glare glass gives us better and stronger displays for all of our favorite devices. I could break down the video but instead I’ll let you enjoy it for yourself.

I must admit, they did go a little overboard as not everything can be made of transparent glass — but the learning and educational possibilities alone are quite impressive. The multi-user multi-touch display we see later in the video is something already being used today, just not on that scale. At CES 2012 we saw multiple large screen platforms with Corning themselves hosting a huge 80″ Gorilla Glass 2 strengthened projected display and more.

It seems that technology may be advancing a little slower than Corning would like. With handheld devices, 3D projectors, and homes being entirely reliant on glass this shows us a future we can only dream of. Or do we think we’ll have these types of technologies soon? Corning also released an unpacked version of the video with a complete breakdown of the technology and you can see that here.