There are some methods for promotion that are so volatile that they’re just used over and over and over again without losing steam. One of these methods for money mayhem is to hand out a branded condom to your customers to promote the use of those condoms – OR, in this case, to promote a Valentine’s Day sale for a mobile company. This company is Mobilicity, they’re a Canadian group, and they’re totally brilliant.

The deal is that you can get whatever phones you like from their service so long as you and your significant other buy them at the same time and sign up on the same plan – this deal gets you a $69 a month plan for 2 lines of unlimited local talk, global text messaging, North American long distance, voicemail with caller ID, and “BONUS*” data. *We’re not sure what the bonus data consists of, but who cares?!

This same deal would normally cost you $120 from the same company, and this way you get a condom out of the deal. As one commenter has already noted, “best promotion ever, Mobilicity is literally trying to ‘make’ new customers for itself.” Brilliant.

NOTE: if anyone is in the area where these are being given out (Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Edmonton,) we’d be glad to trade you some swag and/or at least shipping and handling for you to send some promo condoms our way.

[via Mobile Syrup]