Remember those reports from last month that showed Apple beating out Android in the latter half of 2011? The ones that half the internet jumped on as proof that Android was “falling behind”? Yeah, not so much. Despite a massive rise in iPhone sales in the fourth quarter, Android is still way out in front of the mobile landscape with 47.3 % market share, according to ComScore. Their number crunchers say that’s a 2.5 point increase since Q3 2011. Apple continues to rise at a slower pace, capturing 29.6% of the total smartphone market in the US.

Both Android and iOS are continuing a trend of stealing market share from RIM’s BlackBerry and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile/Windows Phone. For the last quarter of 2011, combined Windows market share dropped down to 4.7%, with RIM dropping three points down to just 16%. Both companies are doing better than Microsoft’s recent partner Nokia, whose Symbian OS has just 1.4% of total US smartphone users. Nokia is transitioning its smartphones to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform, because every gambler knows there’s no sense loading up on the favorite.

Samsung continues to dominate the total mobile sector as far as OEMs go, representing 25% of all phones used in the 3rd quarter. LG and Motorola round out the top three, with Apple taking 12.4% of total phone sales and RIM dropping down to 6.7%. The figures represent combined figures, with 40% of US mobile subscribers using smartphones. Oh, and that gloom and doom report from Nielsen I mentioned earlier? That was for new smartphone buyers in December, not total market share.

[via Beta News]