For fashion conscious people, using headphones, despite its sound quality, can sometimes be a visual bore, or it might “interfere” with your OOTD (that’s outfit of the day for the uninitiated). A new Kickstarter project says that they have found the best mixture of outstanding sound technology and stylish fashion that you won’t be ashamed to wear with whatever your outfit is. The M3 Bluetooth wireless headphones wants to become your accessory of choice as you listen to your favorite music or watch your videos on your devices.

One great thing about M3 is that it gives you three options to listen and enjoy to your music or videos. The first of course is wirelessly, through your Bluetooth connection. But if your headset or mobile device is running low on battery, you can also connect it through a built-in retractable cable, so no need to fuss with knotted wires and such. If you want to watch videos on your laptop or bigger screens, there is also a line-in stereo cable connection that you can use.

In terms of sound quality, of course the developers did not skimp on it, as it is probably the major selling point of any headphone. There are 3 pre-set EQ that you can choose from, depending on the kind of music that you’re listening to (rock, jazz, and classic are the choices). The M3 has four different colors: black, blue, orange, white. And because the price of these headphones are relatively affordable (as compared to the more expensive ones in the market), you can actually get all four so you can mix and match them, depending on your OOTD. The M3 can also answer calls and supports voice prompts on your smartphone, as well as control your music playback.

The Kickstarter project has already reached their goal of $10,000 with still 22 days to go in the campaign. You can pledge as low as $49 to get one pair, and $159 for all four pairs. Estimated delivery date for those who supported the campaign is April of this year.

SOURCE: Kickstarter