If you got your new Samsung Galaxy S8 from T-Mobile and unfortunately are seeing that reddish tint on the screen, be glad to know that the much-awaited software update is now available. Samsung promised an update that will adjust the color temperature of the display. Some Galaxy S8 units are showing that red tint that is a bit disturbing.

Samsung insists that there is no problem in the phone itself but a little color revision will do because the issue has something to do with color range. The color correction fix is for the “not-a-problem” problem. We still think it is a software issue and something a simply update can easily solve.

This update is for both the Galaxy S8 and S8+ already. Samsung began rolling it out last week in South Korea and we knew the same is arriving in the United States and other key markets. As for other mobile carriers, Verizon released an update but only to add Bixby. There’s no reported release from AT&T yet but expect to be ready in the coming days or weeks.

If you’re on T-Mobile, you should be receiving an OTA from the Un-Carrier anytime soon. We’re not sure if this one will enable Bixby on the Galaxy S8.

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