You will never run out of things to do in ‘Surely You Quest’. This new roleplaying and action adventure game will have you finishing challenges left and right, collecting Magiswords, upgrading them, and using all your special abilities to help Vambre and Prohyas win. Princess Zange is hosting a tournament that will make the players prove their worth as the kingdom is looking for the best of the best.

Every challenger depends on the Magiswords to survive the adventurers’ tourney and eventually win. There are exclusive Magiswords to unlock and add to your master collection. This game is actually easy to play: just tap on the enemies and villains to defeat them but be prepared for the boss encounters. You need to think fast in choosing the correct Magisword. It’s the only thing you need but each one has different special abilities.

This game also interacts with the ‘Mighty Magiswords’ show. It’s an animated fantasy-comedy online TV series from Cartoon Network that allows you to collect different Magiswords every time you’re watching an episode. It’s sort of interactive but you need to be attentive always lest you want to miss the chances of owning new swords.

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