Fans of Star Wars cannot wait for the new movie yet to be released in December. That’s less than four months of waiting but while anticipating for that one, you may want to add this new game from EA Mobile to the list of cool things to look forward to. Sorry but this announcement may frustrate you further but remember that good things come to those who wait. This and the movie? Just wait patiently and I guarantee that you’ll have a rocking Christmas.

“Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” was recently introduced by EA. It’s a new turn-based RPG-style adventure from a galaxy far, far away. Obviously, the heroes are your favorite Star Wars characters. Collect all of them to fight the enemies who are disturbing the Force.

So do you want to be on the Dark Side or do you want to fight for the Light Side? You can choose to fight for the Light Hoth, Tatooine, Geonosis, or Bespin depending on the characters you choose. You’re not just playing one character but a team of heroes. Level them up and go on missions. Take on the challenge of beating the enemies of whatever side you’re on. You can actually build each character as you work through several campaigns. Collect powerful gear to help you become the hero you are called to be.

You need your strategic skills to come out on top as the winner. Take note and work on each character’s special attacks so you can know when to use which one at a specific time. Each and everyone’s power and abilities actually compliment others’s special skills so make sure you take advantage of them.

Game is RPG but we’re not sure yet if multiplayer mode will be available. No information on exact release date but you can pre-register on the game’s site right now.


SOURCE: StarWars.ea