Cobra is at CTIA and the company has already unveiled the PhoneLynx for Android devices. It is also unveiling a cool device that fits on your key ring called the CobraTag that allows you to keep up with your Android device. That CobraTag is about the size of a remote for your door locks on a car. This might be the perfect thing for people that lose their smartphone a lot.

The CobraTag works in conjunction with a free app that will be on the Android Market when the hardware launches. It will also support Blackberry smartphones as well. The idea is that the CobraTag will connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth and help you find it if it gets lost. You can activate the phone alarm by pressing a button on the CobraTag.

The CobraTag is also a wireless leash for your smartphone or other items like your keys that will alarm and send messages to a preset list if the tag is separated from the phone. The cool part is that the alarm works both ways. If you have the CobraTag attached to your keys you can make it alarm by pressing a button on the smartphone. Launch is set for July at $59.99.