Clove has issued an update for the folks in the UK that were thinking about pre-ordering or have pre-ordered the Asus Transformer Prime tablet. The pre-orders kicked off last week at Clove and the 32GB version was up for pre-order with the keyboard accessory for £550.80 including the VAT. The good news in the update from Clove is that the 32GB tablet has a lower price and still includes the keyboard accessory.

The new price is £499 with VAT included. The ship date on it is still some time in January. The bad news is that if you wanted the 64GB version of the Prime and pre-ordered, your order will be delayed. Clove is now reporting that the 64GB Prime won’t be in until Q2 2012. You can just cancel that order if you want or move to the 32GB version.

None of the pre-orders have been charged at this point according to Clove. The new lower price of the 32GB version will be automatically made on all pre-orders of the tablet made last week at the higher price. The exact launch date in January is still unknown.

[via SlashGear]