It’s been MONTHS since we heard a single peep about this oncoming Android tablet, the last time being October of 2010, it then displaying itself a s webconferencing-centric slate that’ll cost “under $1,000.” Not very exciting! Cius insisted then that the tablet was not meant to go into competition with other tablets, instead positioning itself as a “first-of-its- kind mobile collaboration device.” Now it’s much MUCH closer to being real having just shown up in the FCC.

From the filing we can decipher a few facts such as its connectedness: 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi as well as Bluetooth, but no mention of any 3G or 4G speeds of any kind. Will this conferencing device be Wifi-only? If it’s meant to be closer to a desktop than it is to a phone, then this falls right in line with its intent.

This filing was submitted by tablet maker OpenPeak, a group we last heard about creating OpenTablet 10. This listing from the FCC has confidential filings that will be released on June 27, 2011. Generally this means that the tablet will be released before the date given, so we’re looking at a summer release. Could be neat!

[via WirelessGoodness]