cicret bracelet

The Cicret bracelet won’t be a secret once you use it. People will know that you have it.It’s a simple wearable bracelet alright but you’re projecting the display screen right on your arm.

Impressive? This smart wearable features a pico projector to display a user interface similar to what you see on a tablet or smartphone. It’s neither a smartphone nor a tablet as it is a mobile device on its own. It also comes with 8 long range sensors and all the specs required to run Android OS and the compatible apps.

Watch the video below and you’ll be amazed at how this works.

Tap the wrist and a touchscreen user interface will show up. The projected image from the pico projector is good as the same thing you see on mobile devices. You can tap, click, and slide on the screen to do many things. It still is in its prototype stage but the concept is just promising.

The team behind Cicret isn’t gathering funds through crowdfunding but is accepting donations. You can directly send any amount through Cicret’s webpage. The team doesn’t want crowdfunding ventures because they cannot give any guarantee to the consumers. Cicret has not been put up for production yet so don’t believe people who say they have the wearable bracelet in stock before launch.

The maker of Cicret also developed an app called Cicret. It’s not related in any way to the wearable bracelet but it’s a messaging app made for a more secure data transfer. You can download the Cicret app from the Google Play Store.

VIA: Slashgear


  1. This article doesn’t belong here. The device in question is nothing more than a speculative fiction and will never, in the next 50 years be close to being possible.

    Also, the “team” behind this *does* want to use croudfunding, or at least they did several months ago when they had an indiegogo campaign up and running before being summarily shut down as fraudulent.

  2. This seems so useless to me. Even if all the technologies they’re claiming to use actually work properly (which I doubt they would, even in the next 10 years), you then have to wonder about its actual application. Are light colors hard to read on white skin? Dark colors on dark skin? What about bright sunlight? You still have to have a phone in order to use it, adding cost, and you still have to carry your phone around with you. Will the convenience justify a potentially exorbitant price-tag? What can you do with this that you can’t do with a regular phone? Use it in the shower? Can you really not go 10-20 minutes without checking your Facebook?

  3. is anyone even considering this scam? How does a beam sensor know if you are pressing, dragging o taping on your skin. Pico projector? you cannot project an image on an uneven surface like skin and have it be straight and with same luminonisty throughout the screen. Please people, don’t spread nonsense. It is a great illusion though.


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