Who knew that GM’s Chevrolet cares about your smartphone and battery life? No, we’re not talking about the car brand adding Android Auto to its 2016 lineup but the Active Phone Cooling system it will be installing in some vehicle models to be released next year. The problem of phones and batteries overheating is real especially in places with extreme climates and while charging.

Chevrolet wants to offer a solution by introducing a system that will help cool down the phones. It’s the first technology we know off that helps a mobile device to maintain the correct temperature while inside the vehicle. You see, phones got built-in thermal protection already but it’s not always enough to protect the battery. Unfortunately and as engineers have noticed, a smartphone wireless charging feature would sometimes stop when it’s really hot inside the car. As a result, battery isn’t charged which is a hassle to phone users who are always on the run and need their devices for work, communication, entertainment, and navigation.

This Active Phone Cooling system that Chevrolet is working on will be available in 2016 Impala, Malibu, Cruze, and Volt models that have wireless charging feature inside. What Chevrolet did is to connect an air vent and direct it to the car’s charging bin. The air vent connected to the aircon and ventilation system is used to make sure cool air is sent to the phone to avoid overheating.

Overheating is a natural occurrence in smartphones due to various reasons but it must be avoided at all cost. It’s more likely to happen inside a car and when being charged but the Active Phone Cooling idea can be very helpful especially during those very hot days. It’s amazing how Chevrolet even thought about this. It’s just a simple problem and solution but this one needs to be a standard now in all cars.

SOURCE: Chevrolet