CherryPad the Android 2.1 tablet has been announced to be available for a minimal $188. This is less than half of the price of the iPad and nearly one-fifth the price of the off contract Samsung Galaxy Tab, which we still haven’t heard any official US price-point for.

The CherryPad will have full access to the Android Market at launch and contains some respectable hardware for a tablet of it’s size and price. It running an 800MHz Samsung ARM11 that is capable of 3D. It’s 7-inch 800×480 resolution display is resistive touch sporting a gravity sensor.

Other hardware features include 256MB of RAM, 2GB on-board NAND Flash, USB 2.0, 3.5mm headphone jack, speakers, microphone and a microSD card. It stays connected with WiFi b/g and if you’re looking for a 3G option, you can add an external 3G modem.

Cherrypal CTO, Max Seybold goes on to state that the CherryPad is no iPad killer.

“The CherryPad America does not compete against the Apple iPad. The CherryPad addresses the sub-iPad market.”

The specs are very impressive if you consider it’s not contract based and is being sold for less than $200.

Update: While we have had no contact with Cherrypal ourselves, Nate over at The Digital Reader has expressed concerns over the company’s reliability.

Press Release:

Cherrypal Launches Powerful 7-Inch $188 Android 2.1 3D Tablet Computer For The Sub-iPad(c) Market – Cherrypal Enters Into Exclusive Deal with Green Shopping Site Zecozi

PALO ALTO, CA (October 7, 2010) — Cherrypal, a California-based manufacturer of high quality, low-energy consuming and affordable personal computers, today announced the availability of its new sub $200 tablet computer, the CherryPad America.

The CherryPad was designed for consumers who are looking for an affordable, powerful, high quality, and low energy-consuming tablet computer with the ability to run the Android operating system. CherryPad is powered by the fast Samsung ARM11, (CPU + GPU + DSP, OpenGL 2.0) 800 GHz processor and runs Android 2.1 and all Android applications. An upgrade option to 2.2 is planned for the fourth quarter 2010.

The CherryPad America features a 7-inch resistive touch widescreen display (no stylus needed) at 800×480 resolution with built-in gravity sensor. Memory, storage and wireless functions include 256 MBs of DDRII RAM; 2 GB NAND Flash; Micro SD (1x) reader, and WiFi 802.11 b/g.

Standard I/O ports include USB 2.0 supported by an external adapter; 3.5 mm headphone jack, built-in speakers and microphone, DC port, optional external 3G modem. The CherryPad America’s Polymer 3200 MAH battery has a run time of 6-8 hours. The device weighs just 1.1 pounds and is housed in a sturdy aluminum case. MSRP of the CherryPad America is $188.

“The CherryPad America does not compete against the Apple(c) iPad. The CherryPad addresses the sub-iPad market,” said Cherrypal CTO Max Seybold.

According to Seybold, CherryPad has been designed for consumers who seek a lower cost, more compact tablet PC with the ability to run Android.

“The CherryPad is neither an iPad killer nor an iPad clone, it’s a completely different product designed for a different market,” Seybold said. “The screen of the CherryPad is only 7-inches big, the processor is slightly less powerful, and the CherryPad comes with Android 2.1 and not Apple’s iOS.”

At a MSRP of $188, the price for a CherryPad is also less than half of the iPad.

“Early user tests confirmed the CherryPad user experience has been extremely positive. Users appreciate full access to the Android Market, its powerful processor, battery run time, and high quality,” Seybold said.
Cherrypal Partners With Zecozi

Cherrypal also announced a strategic partnership with Zecozi (, a new online shopping site for conscious consumers. All Cherrypal products will be exclusively sold through Zecozi in the United States, with the exception of volume buyers. Every Cherrypal comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, as well as a 1-year replacement warranty.

“We are a hardware manufacturer first and need to focus on our core competence in order to drive down costs and offer quality products that consumers can afford. We can offer our products for such a low price because we are fugal with non-product related costs. When we looked for a strong partner who shares our green, open and fair corporate value system, Zecozi was the obvious choice,” said Cherrypal CEO John Collier.
About Cherrypal Corporation

Cherrypal ( is a Palo Alto, California based manufacturer of high-quality, energy-efficient and low-cost computers with worldwide sales operations. Cherrypal’s products are designed in Palo Alto, California and manufactured in Asia.

About Zecozi
Zecozi ( is a community-driven marketplace for conscious consumers, that enable users to shop with friends and come together in real-time with the community to collectively define sustainability. The Zecozi community is the next generation of sustainable commerce.

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