For those times when you’re stuck in between not finishing an audio book and not being satisfied by podcasts, you would need something to fill in that gap. Unfortunately, there aren’t that many choices in the market today. Audible, the largest seller of audiobooks and spoken-word entertainment, is now launching a new subscription channel that is a short-form, on-demand, ad-free listening service featuring original shows and exclusive content from various digital publishers. It will also come free for existing and future Audible Premium members.

If you don’t have time to listen to full-length books or if the podcast format already bores you, then this should be the service for you. That is, if you like consuming audio content. There will be audio excerpts from such publications like The Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, The Onion, Smithsonian Magazine, Harvard Business Review, McSweeney’s, lectures from The Great Courses, plus more to come.

But probably the selling point of this service is access to original programs. Some of the available ones on launch are

– Presidents Are People Too – a “recasting” of American presidents into real-life people
– Limelight – highlights from the best new standup comedians from various comedy clubs in the country
– Hold On with Eugene Mirman – funny live stories with inserts from equally funny special guests
– Hot Mic with Dan Savage – true sex confessions performed live on a stage (the confessions, not the sex)

They will also be providing previews of more upcoming original programs focusing on comedy, food, health, history, leadership, science fiction and a whole gamut of other topics.

Channels by Audible will be available for $4.95 a month, and that gives you unlimited access to all the audio programs they will be offering. You get it for free if you’re already an Audible subscriber, which is currently at $14.95/month. If you don’t have Audible yet, you can have a free 30-day trial (which gives you two audio books) to check it out.

SOURCE: Audible