For people who like to tweak with the software of their phones, Android users who like to use custom ROMs, the reality of screwing something up when you chose to tweak something from a perfectly working system is very real. This is where backups help – and we always tell you to make one before embarking on a tweaking spree. In this case, the new version of FlashFire has some very interesting new backup features that you should check out.

FlashFire is an app that lets you flash stock firmware, kernels, custom recoveries, custom ROMs easily. This is made by the legendary Chainfire, maker of SuperSU and CF Auto Root. The main talking point in version 0.32 is the app’s ability to make fastboot flashable backups of your boot, recovery, system, vendor, oem, userdata (including internal storage), and cache partitions. Being fastboot flashable, you can quickly get your phone back to working conditions by flashing these backup files through ADB while the phone is in fastboot mode.

The problem with standard backups is that they take too darned long to get back to the point where you left off. When flashing a custom ROM, it’s ideal to be able to go back to a “last known good configuration” (in PC terminology). FlashFire now lets you do that. Download links are in the source link below.

If any of these seem like Klingon language to you, then you may not be familiar with flashing custom ROMs yet. Better read up on how to flash custom ROMs to your device and getting root access first before you use this pretty advanced app.

SOURCE: +Chainfire