Legendary developer Chainfire has a few updates up his sleeve to the apps he’s been taking care of the past few years – this includes CF.lumen, the app that adjusts your screen’s display warmth and color so that they match the time of day, and an app called Recently, which controls what apps show up when you hit your “recents” button. Both of these apps have gotten an update.

The CF.lumen app is now updated to version 3.70. The update carries a few minor tweaks, namely, the grayscale filter is now a saturation slider that you can have more flexibility in using to choose levels instead of just being a toggle switch. Chainfire has also improved “performance mode”, especially on Nougat devices.

As for the Recently app, this update to version 1.40 is nothing more than adding Nougat support for the app. You can now install this app on a Nougat-powered device, and there’s nothing more than that, we’re afraid.

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SOURCE: Chainfire 1, 2