Many of us assumed that Verizon was going to sell the Google Nexus One phone come Spring of this year, apparently not. After a quick look at the image below it seems like Verizon will sell the handset, but according to our good friend Chris over at sister site SlashGear, not directly.

After paying more attention, and not letting our emotions get the best of us, we can understand what the image says: “The Nexus One with Verizon Wireless service. Coming soon in the United States.” Yup! It’s clearer now, it will come with Verizon’s service, but it doesn’t mention that Big Red will be selling the Android 2.1 handset.

Below, you can read the statement given by Verizon:

When the Nexus One phone becomes available to run on the Verizon Wireless network, it will be offered BY Google, and not directly by Verizon Wireless. So: not in Verizon Wireless stores, not online, not through telesales or customer service. Pricing has not been set, and there is no date other than “soon.”

This gives us something to think about; maybe Verizon want to keep their support (especially their marketing budget) for the Motorola DROID, or they just don’t want to deal with customer service expectations about the Nexus One. Others believe that this is a clear indication that this is the real Google Phone or Gphone as many call it, for example, they are pointing at this webpage for the Nexus One: Notice what it says in the middle?


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