Back in the nineties there was a big scare about cartoon violence. Lots of angry mothers with nothing much to decided to make sure that Spiderman couldn’t punch anyone with a closed fist and the Animaniacs had to have a Wheel of Morality. Well you’re an adult now, and you can have all the gosh-darned cartoon carnage you want. To celebrate that fact, why not try Cartoon Wars: Gunner+, a free download from the Android Market.

Cartoon Wars fits broadly in the action side-scroller genre, kind of like Battletoads and X-Men from the good old 16-bit days. You guide a bloodthirsty stick figure revolutionary though 2D levels filled with… other stick figures, which are bad. Somehow. You start with a bow and arrow, and by killing bad guys you gradually upgrade your equipment with various guns, lasers, armor, et cetera. Naturally your enemies advance as well, with dragons, zombies and other two-dimensional terrors filling the post-apocalyptic screen.

The game itself is a free download but uses a “freemium” model. Your character earns gold to buy better equipment slowly, but you can use real money to buy more gold and get the good stuff faster. After trying it myself I had to make myself put down the phone and write up this post for you fine people – definitely worth a look. Cartoon Wars comes from Gamevil, makers of previous hits like Zenonia and Baseball Superstars. It’s some serious fun with a retro kick; try it out if you’re still missing your Sega Genesis.

[via Android Community forum]