If there is a people-eating yeti reportedly on the loose in a hillside village blanketed by snow, what do you do? Some would say run away from that village as fast as you can. But if you’re an adventure-loving skiing addict, you’d probably take out your skiis and hunt for the yeti yourself right? Well, if you’re the latter kind of person, then this new Android game called Skiing Yeti Mountain is for you. You won’t do any actual skiing or yeti-hunting, except on your mobile device.

The game is handcrafted for mobile devices and so you just need to tap and swipe your way through snow-covered hills as you search for that elusive yeti, or rather, yetis. There are hundreds of courses for you to finish, although some of these courses will just last for a few seconds or so, but you’d have to start all over again when you crash through a gate or a yeti. You control the character by pressing and dragging on the screen as you try to avoid said gates as well as the trees and cliffs standing in your way. And of course, the flesh-eating yetis as well.

You would also need to master a literal mountain of challenges in this game. Along the way, you’ll also meet “a cast of bizarre characters” who might help or hinder your mission. And yes, you’ll see dead bodies and bloodied tracks as well. Good thing this game is roughly pixelated so there isn’t any yuck factor.

You can download Skiing Yeti Mountain for free from the Google Play Store. If you’d like to get rid of the ads, you’ll have to pay $2.99, but the developer will be giving half of that to Nepal earthquake relief efforts.